Track 4 - Session 7

All the meat you need to beef up your domino security (eng) - Ben Menesi

We all know that IBM Domino has established itself as a powerful collaboration platform. It also has a LOT of flexibility and customization capabilities when it comes to securing your data, a business aspect that gains more importance every day.
However with great flexibility comes a great amount of potential bottlenecks. As administrators and developers, it's vital that we understand the low level mechanisms that help us make our servers, applications and documents secure both from the web and the client side.
In this in-depth session, we will discuss a large variety of topics like ACL tricks & secrets, server security, encryption options, securing agents, documents, designs and more. We'll talk about common but little known obstacles and we'll dissect worst practices to understand what can go wrong.
You'll come away from this high-protein buffet with enough meat in the form of best practices and solutions to help you better understand your current environment setup, spot security risks and prevent data breaches.

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