Notes.ini Entry




    RTR_Logging=0 / 1

Applies to:

    Servers - Clustered Servers


    First Release:

      Obsolete since:


          Cluster, Monitor



        UI equivalent:


        Enables or disables monitoring of Cluster Replicator activity.

        Use the following values to set this variable:

        0 - Disables monitoring of the Cluster Replicator

        1 - Enables monitoring of the Cluster Replicator

        Cluster Replication Fails Even Though the Server is Shown as Available

        Within a Domino 4.5x server cluster, servers may be shown as available (using the Show Cluster console command), however cluster replication will not succeed to those servers. No errors are reported. Normal replication will successfully cause the replica databases to be synchronized.
        Using the NOTES.INI parameter RTR_Logging shows that servers are repeatedly unsuccessfully attempting to cluster replicate to the affected servers.
        However, the Show Cluster command still shows the server to be available.

        This behavior has been seen when the Notes_ISOLATION environment variable or the NOTES.INI variable ISOLATION is set. This variable should only be set for Notes clients (workstations) and not for servers.

        If a cluster server has the Notes_ISOLATION environment variable or NOTES.INI ISOLATION variable set, it will appear as available in Show Cluster output (cluster probes will succeed) from other servers, but cluster replication to the server will not succeed.

        Ensure that Notes_ISOLATION and ISOLATION are not set for Domino 4.5x servers.

        NOTE: The env command may be used to check the process environment for the Notes_ISOLATION variable.

        Supporting Information:
        Notes_ISOLATION is used to configure Notes to support simultaneous logins to the Notes Application Server. Each user that is logged into the Notes Application Server from an X-terminal or remote shell must have the environment variable configured. It can be configured by entering a command at the shell prompt or in the user's startup file. It is recommended that each user's startup file contain the variable definition.