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      Debug_AMGR is a setting that allows the Domino server to report Agent Manager (AMGR) activities. As of the Domino 4.6.1 server, the server will also record AMGR activity for databases that do not contain agents, when those databases have new documents added to them, existing documents are modified, or new mail is delivered to them.

      Keep in mind that it is the activity itself that AMGR is reporting; it is not necessarily reporting that an agent will be executed as a result of an activity. So even if there are no agents in the database, AMGR may report that an activity occurred in that database.

      The following table describes which Debug_AMGR flags can be set:

      Flag Description
      c To output agent control parameters
      e To output information about Agent Manager events (new in 4.6.1)
      l To output agent loading reports
      m To output agent memory warnings
      p To output agent performance statistics
      r To output agent execution reports
      s To output information about AMGR scheduling
      v Verbose mode, which outputs more messages about agent loading, scheduling, and queues
      * To output all of the above

      The NOTES.INI setting Debug_AMGR=* will generate a large amount of extraneous information. Therefore, to limit the amount of information returned by AMGR, do not use the * (asterisk) flag. Instead, use only the flag that you need for troubleshooting.