Hands-On 4

XPages - the second steps 2 - Howard Greenberg

Three Key Bullets on What the Audience Will Learn:

1. You will build your first XPages application by converting an existing Notes application. There is a complete set of activity databases to try out everything we cover in this session. Our goal is not to cover everything in XPages, it is to get you comfortable with XPages so you can get started on your return home and have a structured path to do so.

2. Take the mystery out of XPages development. While XPages are powerful, a typical Notes developer can create very useful applications without knowing Java. This session will take the "fear factor" out of XPages so attendees are not afraid to dive in and get started. The two session leaders are experienced trainers with years of experience.

3. Understand what skills you need to build XPages applications. There is much you can do in XPages without complex coding using simple drag and drop and configuration of controls. You don't have to be a Java expert to be an XPages developer. We will discuss what skills are needed and the paths you can take to get there.

Doppel Hands-on, nur zusammen mit Hands-on 3 zu machen in Englisch

Overview of XPages
Using Domino Designer with XPages
Creating an XPage (hands-on activity)
Displaying a Domino View with XPages (hands-on activity)
Displaying a Domino Document with XPages (hands-on activity)
Creating a new Domino Document with XPages (hands-on activity)
Adding navigation and buttons to an XPage (hands-on activity)
Demonstration of Advanced XPages Techniques
Skills Needed to Become an XPages Developer
Demonstration of Converting a Domino Application to Mobile Use
Questions and Answers