Hands-On 3

XPages - the first Steps 1 - Howard Greenberg

Been wondering what the buzz is about XPages? Ready to build your first application? This session, designed for the XPages beginner, will show how to take a typical Notes application and convert it to XPages. You will learn how to create an XPage, use the View control to display Domino views and create XPages to create, view and edit Notes documents. In addition, you will see advanced techniques with XPages such as charting, displaying a view and the selected document on the same page and more! This session will conclude by discussing what skills you need to become an XPages developer.

This session will be the same presentation that the speaker has presented this year five times as a webinar, several live sessions at user group meetings and a broadcast to IBM offices in five Canadian cities in partnership with IBM. The course lessons / activities that this session will be based on are also available from TLCC's website as a self-paced free course, complete with activities.

Doppel Hands-on, zusammen mit Hands-on 4 zu machen in Englisch

Overview of XPages
Using Domino Designer with XPages
Creating an XPage (hands-on activity)
Displaying a Domino View with XPages (hands-on activity)
Displaying a Domino Document with XPages (hands-on activity)
Creating a new Domino Document with XPages (hands-on activity)
Adding navigation and buttons to an XPage (hands-on activity)
Demonstration of Advanced XPages Techniques
Skills Needed to Become an XPages Developer
Demonstration of Converting a Domino Application to Mobile Use
Questions and Answers