Track 1 - Session 2

XPages: Practical Ideas for Converting Existing Notes Applications - Matthew Fyleman

Planning : Which applications to convert? Is there benefit in re-designing the application? Decide how much LS code should be re-written as CS and SS JavaScript Assessing the complexity of an application. Time to convert.

Implementing : Have a clear idea of L+F before you start - use themes, proprietary or hybrid? Get key structures in place first - standard format for views, forms, button bars etc and create custom controls for these. Have a toolkit of useful things both UI (e.g. picklists, name pickers etc) and script (e.g. retrieving field values safely, handling look-ups (DBLookup/DBColumn gotcha)) Make use of resource bundles for config info. Make use of the extension library - no use re-inventing the wheel! Identify re-usable elements and implement these as custom controls - keep
in mind other projects. De-coupling custom controls using parameters.

Test, test and test some more!

T1S2-Xpages-converting Notes Apps.pdf