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    Adminp_Manage_Folder_On_Delegate_Disable=0 / 1

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        Administration, AdminP



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      Problem In Lotus Notes®, a mail file delegate is only able to create private folders and views. When the delegate attempts to create a folder or view, there is no option to select the type option once the Advanced button is clicked. This occurs because the user does not have the Access Control List (ACL) privilege, "Create shared folders/views".

      In the Preferences dialog in a mail file, there is no way to grant a delegate to a mail file the ACL privilege, "Create shared folders/views". Delegate rights for Author access have this privilege disabled and grayed out, and delegate rights for Editor access have the option disabled by default.  

      Cause The "Create shared folders/views" privilege is not an option for those with less than Editor access. For those with Editor access, the privilege is disabled by default, and for those with Designer or Manager access, it is enabled and cannot be disabled. This is working as designed.  

      Solution An enhancement request has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# GMAA6MEJ2C and this additional functionality was added to Lotus Domino® 8.0. The additional functionality is a feature of the administration process (AdminP) and does not grant rights via the user interface. This additional functionality is under investigation for inclusion in Domino 7.0.3.

      The "Create shared folders/views" privilege is automatically enabled when a user is delegated access to a mail file by the AdminP process, with either of the following two options:
      -- Read, edit, and create any document; send mail on your behalf.
      -- Read, edit, create, and delete any document; send mail on your behalf.

      If an administrator prefers that the delegated users NOT have the ability to manage shared folders/views, then Domino notes.ini file variables can be specified on each server to prevent this.

      There are two .ini settings, one for the client based delegate request:


      and one for the web based delegate request:


      These .ini variables only affect the setting of the ACL flags when the delegation request is processed. If the delegated user already has create folder/view privileges and the owner wants to remove that privilege, it is necessary to remove the user and readd the person while the .ini is in place.

      NOTE: These changes are only in effect for delegation requests which are processed by AdminP. Those users who have Manager access to the mail file can make manual adjustments to the ACL.


      Mail file owners who have Manager access to their mail file can manually enable the "Create shared folders/views" privilege for existing delegates. From the File menu, choose Database --> Access Control --> select the related user in the list --> enable the privilege, "Create shared folders/views".