Track 2 - Session 7

Connect your Lotus Notes app to the Activity Stream with XPages - Frank van der Linden

IBM has released the Social Business Toolkit. The provided API lets you create your own entries in the Activity Stream of the Social Business Toolkit.
But how can I get my data out of Lotus Notes app into this Activity Stream. This Session will teach you how to get access to the Activity Stream to populate the entries in your XPages app, with oAuth.
The next step will be adding enties to or removing entries from the Activity Stream.

With a little help it is no rocket sience.

- Introduction
- Social Business Toolkit
- oAuth and OpenSocial
- Let’s connect to the Activity Stream
- Post to the Activity Stream
- Delete from the Activity Stream
- Q&A
- Usefull links

T2S7-How to connect your app to the Activity Stream with XPages.pdf